ResQMobil is an integrated portable emergency communication, search and rescue system that aids emergency response at affected sites by providing Voice, Video & Data connectivity with built-in VSAT connectivity. It can be setup in less than an hour and provides an independent communication network to first responders, and aids in search and rescue operations by providing information about survivors through their mobiles.

ResQMobil has been designed to work during all types of disasters –man-made or natural. It can be tailor made to suit specific needs given the demographics, the geography, the nature and scale of the disaster. For a customized solution, please get in touch with us.

ResQMobil is available in three different form factors. The variants cater to different coverage and terrain requirements.

Trailer Case Backpack
A. Terrain
1. Forest/Hilly No Yes Yes
2. Urban Yes Yes Yes
3. In-Building No Yes Yes
4. Semi Urban No Yes Yes
5. Rural Yes Yes Yes
B. RF Coverage ~ 3 km
(18 m Mast)
~ 1.5 km
(5 m Mast)
~ 500 m
(3 m Tripod)
C. Power Backup Solar based, 24 hour autonomy 8 hours 8 hours

While competitive organizations provide different standalone solutions, ResQMobil offers a complete integrated solution with the following features:

  • a. It is an integrated, rapidly deployable, sustainable solution that enables communication (Voice, Video, and Data) and search & rescue services at a disaster location, quickly.
  • b. It offers high precision in locating mobile information and acquiring victim count.
  • c. It can track affected civilians in all possible terrains and in all types of disaster situations.
  • d. It is available in multiple variants so as to suit all terrain and coverage requirements.

ResQMobil provides the following capabilities:

  • a. Communication Services (Voice, Video, Data)
  • b. Search and Rescue capability using active mobile location
  • c. Universal Gateway for patching communication over legacy radios

Due to the easy mobility and rapid deployment capability of different variants, ResQMobil can be made operational at any disaster location within a few hours.

ResQMobil can enable local mobile communication in less than 5 minutes. Additional time required to set up external IP backhaul connectivity through VSAT, is less than 20 minutes.

ResQMobil is highly interoperable and can integrate easily and work in tandem with the existing legacy network services.

ResQMobil does not require any special expertise but users would require basic training to be able to operate it effectively and efficiently.

It is a robust solution designed to operate in virtually any terrain and temperature, climatic conditions. It has been designed to function in all natural and man-made disaster scenarios.