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Stay on top of all disasters.

Airdrop relief anytime, anywhere.

No matter what the disaster, VNL's ResQMobil minimises its impact. Communication is restored. Search and rescue becomes precise. And information is aggregated across diverse technologies and platforms to provide the big picture for informed decision-making.
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Setup communication network for first responders
Restore mobile connectivity by creating an independent, private network dedicated for aid workers instantly. Connect soon with the rest of the world by establishing backhaul connectivity through satellite. Enable voice, video and data sharing.
Conduct search and rescue operations
Identify and locate casualties by picking up signals off their mobile phones. Get precise co-ordinates, narrowed further to focus and speed up search and rescue operations.
Aggregate information to get a bigger picture
Connect teams using diverse communication technologies. Relay information from remote site to HQs. Turn raw, piecemeal information into actionable data for authorities. Integrates with most legacy radio systems and works across devices.


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